If you think social media will not work for your business… think again …

Picture   It doesn’t really matter what your business is you can use social media to drive revenue. If you sell to the public you have a great opportunity to engage with them and create interest in your company and thus revenue.

If you sell to business then you can use LinkedIn and other business sites to get connected and become a respected market leader – even as a small company.

I have one client who manufactures an orthodontic product that they sell to dentists who then sell it to the public. You might wonder how social media can help them. And I will explain…

There are many types of braces/brackets to straighten teeth (I never knew how many until I took this client on!). A lot of dentists offer several different styles and manufacturers.

In the past as a manufacturer you had to be nice to the dentist to get them to promote your product to their clients. But what if these clients were walking in the door asking for “Smart Braces” your fantastic new product? Then the dentist’s job would be easier, they would get more clients as approved sellers and you would get more business.

Social media can create the demand for a product in this way. It can engage, inform and enthuse people. It can establish brands and get people to ask for your product over your competitors. It can be so effective that people will go out of their way to find it, they will tell their friends about it and they will spend more on it.

This applies as much to Smart Braces as it does to Omar Park Homes, or Apple iPhones, or Blendtec.

If you have a B2C company then your process is possibly easier. Small companies can do very well especially if they serve a specific geographical area. Restaurants can drive business as can shops and retail as a whole using Foresquare, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ in particular.

If you would like to know more about hoe social media can work for your particular business just get in touch with the CR4L team. They work on a results basis so you can be sure of a great return on your marketing investment. See more at http://www.cr4l.com

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