Is Google+ Worth The Effort and If Not What Is?

Is Google+ Worth The Effort and If Not What Is?


Is Google+ important for your SEO and rankings

You may have noticed lately a lot of articles, press releases and blog posts about Google+. I have seen several blog posts saying how easy Google+ is to use and how important it is. But these just look like they were written by Google staff or affiliates so perhaps we can dismiss these.

However that is not the whole story. Just as Pinterest is more popular in the USA so Google+ has take off there first. Some say that it is not relevant for the UK and Europe. Some say that they only have as many users (500 Million) because of Gmail and YouTube conscripting their existing users.

All that said Pinterest does drive retail sales in the UK and CR4L have seen some successful campaigns that gave great ROI. So what about Google+…

Google+ and SEO

If you have an active Google+ profile and link it to the content you post online, an identity-verification process known as Google Authorship, is it worth the effort?

“Yes,” say some search engine optimization (SEO) experts. Among SEO trends anticipated for 2014, it will be “absolutely critical” to invest in your Google+ presence, says Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of content marketing/social media marketing firm AudienceBloom.

DeMers cites Moz’s 2013 SEO ranking factors study, which suggests Google+ is playing an “increasingly significant” role in search engine rankings. “Establishing Google Authorship of your content and tying it to your Google+ account,” DeMers says, should be “an immediate area of focus.”

Well then there you have it… or do you?

Know Where Your Customers Are And Go There…

Original content is key to success on any platform but if you are already heavily invested in Facebook do you really want to spread your resources thinner and use Google+? Probably not.

In short; for social media to work you need to be where your probable purchasers are. And most people are on Facebook (unless your target is under 25 and that is a different story). CR4L recently did a survey for a London client and 100% of customers surveyed said they had a Facebook account while 33% had Twitter, 66% LinkedIn and less than 10% Google+.

100% of these same customers did not know that the client had a Facebook page. Needless to say: we are currently reaching out to engage them with Facebook. Knowledge is power 🙂

So know where your customers are, find out where your prospects are; go there, engage with them, give them value and get them to share. There are many platforms the right one for your business is where your target audience is. All you have to do then is use it correctly! If your not sue about that just click the image below for help getting the most from social media marketing…


All that said some of Google+ features make Facebook look like a poor cousin…


A top-quality video chat platform that costs nothing, Hangout allows you to hold video chat sessions with an unlimited number of people right from your Google+ account. No downloads are necessary to use Hangout and it can be launched from your Gmail account as well as from your G+ page. Hangouts can be broadcast in real time and saved to your YouTube channel. Hangout enables you to slide share, collaborate with colleagues and clients, or broadcast events and interviews.


Although they’re often among Google+’s more maligned features, Circles are in fact an incredibly easy and convenient means of content sharing. Every time you add a contact on G+ you can assign them to a particular circle – such as family, friends, co-workers, etc. So unlike on Facebook, where sharing something means potentially sharing it with your entire followership (including parents, relatives, etc.), Circles enable you to share selectively.

Joining different circles can also be something akin to joining a LinkedIn group; an effective means of tapping into communities of experts and joining conversations. Circles are a particularly valuable tool for marketers in that when someone “circles” or follows you, they’re effectively granting you permission to send them email.


Google+ communities can be broken down into two types: public and private. This feature makes it possible to form groups around particular interests, or even brands. And unlike on Facebook, you can join a Google+ community as a brand, allowing you to readily interact with influencers and experts, as well as current and potential customers.

Better integration across Google

Another of Google+’s major advantages is that it facilitates easier integration across all of Google’s other platforms and services. YouTube, Google Search, and Gmail, can all be seamlessly integrated with Plus. Google+ facilitates much better control than Facebook, in terms of who can see the content you share.


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