Is 2014 Set To Be The Year Of Mobile Marketing? – new figures suggest that it is…

Mobile websites with cr4l

Mobile Marketing Is Essential To Success in 2014

The trend is clear as more people initiate research on their mobile and then follow up with a purchase…

  • Consumers spend more than 15 hours a week on mobile research
  • Mobile research starts with search
  • Location proximity matters to mobile customers
  • More than half of mobile consumers want to purchase within an hour
  • 83% Want to purchase within a day
  • Mobile research influences purchase decisions

Mobile-purchases with cr4l

2013 was the year of video and the marketing buzz now is that 2014 will be the year of mobile marketing…

All big companies have realised the importance of mobile sites but smaller companies have been slow to get involved. Perhaps because they don’t know that it’s not expensive and they don’t realise that it’s importance.

Even for B2B sales, having a mobile version of your website is essential. Smartphones now allow us to dip in and out of social media and at the same time do research as and when we like. If a subject or possible purchase comes up in conversation people will search on their mobile while they speak.

Not only that but business people out in the field are much more likely to have a smartphone with them than to carry a laptop. In fact laptops may become a thing of the past. Right now there are some 4 billion smartphones in the world. By 2016 estimates put the number at 8 billion. There are more iPhones sold in a day than babies born… and that is just one brand.

So how can you take advantage of this shift in habits?

Firstly you need to have your website optimised for mobile. You may have done this already and if not it is easy and typically inexpensive.

Next you need to have great SEO and even better local SEO. Being in online local business directories is essential; especially since Google brought in the Hummingbird update. They rank well and you need to be in there. Google, Bing and Yahoo places are also essential. You can add in several other similar listing sites for greater effect. For more information on this and a list of the top sites to get listed on see the SEO Help download found here:

SEO and relevance is just as key as normal in searches. However being at the top of a search is one thing, what happens when someone get to your site is something else. If the site is not optimised for mobile (or a full mobile version) then visitors will bounce. They will go to the next on the list – because there always is another choice.

Action points:

  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly
  • Improve your local SEO
  • Be sure to be fully engaged with social media with plenty of references to your location

To see a full report on the facts and figures of mobile use visit the free download page of the CR4L website and download a copy of the Nielson report “Mobile Path To Purchase – 5 key Findings”


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