How To Get Business Development Funding To Pay For Your Marketing and Website

I have been in business in Europe for many years. I have applied for grants and funding on several occasions. But without much success so I was very pleased to find out about a couple of schemes that are actually available now, and actually have been granted to businesses and you can almost certainly get for your business development too.

There are a couple of initiatives to help with training and business development which will get you time with a consultant. These are valuable and well worth applying for. Depending on your location I may be able to point you in the right direction, so feel free to comment at the bottom of the article and ask.

However if it is actual funding for business growth that you are after I can recommend the EU’s current scheme. You can use this funding to help grow your business through marketing or with a new or improved website.  There are several ways to go about this and a few organisations that offer help.

One such organisation is CR4L Results Marketing. Through them you can apply for funding for marketing and website services. They have been successful in getting their own funding (see for development and they now use this experience to get funding for others.

A word of warning though: some of these schemes end at the end of the year so you may need to start your application now so as not to miss out. You can do this instantly and get in before the deadline at

These funding initiatives are there to help businesses grow and lead the economic recovery. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this funding whilst it is available. I know that a helping hand is always welcome in business; especially if it leads to new clients and an increased bottom line.

euro funding with cr4l


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