Black Friday or Cyber Monday – is your business taking advantage?

Chaos last Friday in Asda stores in the UK as they adopt Black Friday offers such as their parent company Wal-Mart does in the US. Fights broke out over hugely discounted TVs and Tablets and general chaos reigned for a short while.

This week starts with Cyber Monday which is supposed to be the start of Christmas shopping online. But do either of these events affect your sales and business?

60% of shoppers do not know what Black Friday is according to an Asda pole of customers. In fact a lot of people in the UK still think of Black Friday as the day the stock market crashed.

So what does this mean to normal businesses and can we benefit in any way from these days?

Here at CR4L we think you can. No matter what sort of business you operate it is a good idea to promote for the holiday season and special days. The number of online searches goes up and if you target your marketing and social media efforts you can take advantage.

Just having relevant content on your blog will help boost your rankings. Tie in an offer and you can benefit from extra traffic. Push this out across your social media channels for maximum effect and see the boost in your web traffic.

Its also an opportunity to catch some good data and reach out to a wider audience. Social media is a great way to spread the word about your business and having a relevant talking point helps spread the message faster and further.

To find out how CR4L can help you reach a wider audience visit the Inbound Marketing page of the CR4L website. And be sure and get our free marketing analysis  of your business by clicking the banner below.

You may be too late to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2013 but there are plenty of other opportunities throughout they



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