Video Marketing – Tips on Using its Power on Your Website

Self Marketers should be using video more than anyone else – it is HUGELY powerful and FREE

Video On Your Website – the statistics…

  • 220% More Sales
  • 53% More Chance of Page 1 Google
  • 70% of the top search listings contain video

Whichever way you look at it – Video is a powerful marketing tool. If you are not using video on your website you are missing out. Don’t think that it costs money either; just watch my YouTube video to see how to make professional looking videos for NO money…

Top Tips:

1.       Use a short video clips to move fans from your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites, to your landing page.
a. Make a short video clip with a clear call to action and incentivise their action

2.       Plan a mini campaign with a theme – this can be ongoing.

3.       Leverage your clips over several media

a.          First things first: upload your video to YouTube and optimize it with a URL (in the description), a great title and a clear call to action. Also, consider adding a video overlay that links to your landing page for extra traction. These are basically clickable banner ads.

b.      Share your video in a status update on Facebook with a clear call to action. Then you can push additional traffic to it using Promoted Posts (set these up right on your post) and Page Post Ads (which also appear in the right-hand column and can be targeted to non-fans too).

c.       Twitter is a platform we don’t associate strongly with video yet. So tweet your YouTube link (along with a link to your opt-in page) and stand out from the crowd!

d.      Adding YouTube videos to Pinterest is a great way to spark shares. Whenever someone comes across your pinned video, the PLAY button is featured over the image, so it stands apart from all of the static images around it.

4.       Armed with a quarterly strategic plan and premium content (your video, your giveaway, plus all the indirect content that supports both), you can convert fans into quality leads and eventually, loyal customers.

a.       And you can continue to do so all year by focusing on new campaigns, themes and content, giving structure (and measurability) to your editorial calendar.

I have just started a mini campaign with the theme of tips on making marketing videos work for your business. Each one will go with a blog post and I will add some short clips to Vine and Instagram for extra coverage.

If you are not sure how to make a short video clip check out my YouTube Channel and this particular video. It shows how I make all my videos. Shot on HD with great looking lighting and background you might think that they cost a lot to make….

…But take a look at this video where I reveal the secret of how I made all my videos with my iPhone and some free software I downloaded. YouTube Link:

Now it’s your turn… What’s one video tip that should be part of every “mini-campaign”? Share your experience in the comment box below.


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