Posted in September 2013

7 Marketing Essentials For Startup Businesses

What are the 7 key things every start-up company should be doing to market their business? Build a website Get traffic to that website Build a list of prospects Build relationships with prospects Get feedback Sell product Get feedback – the second cup You’ll notice that all the way down in 6th is the selling, … Continue reading

Self Marketing and Local SEO

Local SEO – How to get up the listings for free SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation, is key to the visibility of your website on the internet. Without it you will rank low in the searches and may never be found by potential customers. I have written a free report on local SEO and … Continue reading

Buying VS Selling

Marketing should take the client right to the purchasing stage; there should be almost or no, need for a sales person – just an order taker. This is the fundamental difference between someone who comes to your business to buy and someone who comes that you need to sell to. These days people research every … Continue reading