Why Thank-You Emails Are the Untapped Gold Mine of Email Marketing

This article was written by by Magdalena Georgieva.

In our Introduction to Email Marketing ebook, we discussed that there are several different types of marketing emails you can send to your contacts. Depending on what your business goals and needs are, you could be sending newsletters, digests, dedicated sends, behavior-driven emails, lead nurturing emails, and more. All of these different options have their purposes, yet many marketers overlook a particular type of email that tends to get a lot of traction — the transactional email. That’s right: Transactional emails are one of the most effective types of communication to engage your prospects with.

Transactional emails are the messages you receive from ecommerce sites like Amazon.com that confirm your order and provide shipment information and other details. These messages get triggered by a specific action your contacts have taken and can also be used to inform contacts how to complete that particular action. For instance, if you were to sign up for a webinar, you’d complete a form and then receive a transactional email, which would provide you with the relevant login information in order to join.

transactional email

So what’s the marketer’s equivalent to transactional emails? Thank-you emails, or the automated messages triggered when visitors convert on your landing pages!

The Benefits of Thank-You Emails

Recipients anticipate transactional/thank-you emails because they help them complete an action. It’s the main reason why recipients open and click on them. And as a marketer, you can easily take advantage of this dynamic by including highly customized calls-to-action in your thank-you emails to leverage the fact that the lead is fresh and already actively engaged with your brand.

Thank-you emails are effective for two main reasons:

  1. They place your content directly in the contact’s inbox. So even if he or she clicks away from the thank-you page they’re redirected to after completing your conversion form, they can still search their inbox and find the information they need to redeem the offer, such as the ebook’s download link, webinar login information, etc.
  2. People will often share your content by forwarding it via email, so thank-you emails give you yet another opportunity to extend the reach of your content to a brand new audience.

An example of a simple thank-you email:

simple thank you email

As you can see, the thank-you email above includes two links: The first one links to the thank-you page for theoffer advertised on the landing page, where the user can access the ebook; and the second one links to a secondary conversion opportunity of higher commitment and value, enabling us to move the lead further along in the sales cycle.

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