Business Book Review – Tell to Win by Peter Guber

Tell to Win reviewed “In Tell to Win, Peter Guber masterfully demonstrates that telling purposeful stories is the best way to persuade, motivate and convince who you want to do what you need.”  President Bill Clinton.

That is the quote from  the front cover of the book. It’s a good one and a powerful statement to sell the book. Peter Guber has produced some big movies whilst working for companies such as Columbia and Sony Pictures.  He tells stories from this career and of the many people he has met and worked with. For that alone it is an interesting read.

However there is a lot more to Tell to Win. Peter Guber explains why telling purposeful stories is the best way to get your message across and influence people.

Too many times we go to presentations and business meetings and are given a data dump. The facts are given to us but nothing else. How much better to engage the audience with a story to illustrate the facts.

Stories make data and facts come alive. Stories stay with us and we are more likely to tell the story on to others.

In this book Peter explains why stories work, he gives us lots of examples, and then teaches us how to construct winning stories.

You may want to sell a project, product or an idea. Perhaps you have a charity or a cause you want people to support. It’s all in here. How to build a story to suit your purpose and your audience.

You can see some viedo of Peter with some of the stars from his book at his website – well worth a look.

The book is excellent; entertaining, engaging and insightful.  It is also an essential read if you want people to buy what you are selling.

***** Five Stars –  a must for your business book library

Best Bits

At the end of each chapter there are there is a summary called  aHHa!

The first of these is:

•    A purposeful story is a call to action – be sure to make your call.
•    A story without structure leaves your goal unfulfilled …
o    Craft the beginning to shine the light on your challenge of problem
o    Shape the middle around the struggle to meet that challenge
o    End with a resolution that ignites in the listener your call to action
•    Get your audience to step into your hero’s shoes.
•     Lead from the heart, not the head.
•    Employ the element of surprise.
•    Successful stories turn “me” to “we” – align your interests!
•    Be sure your story tells what’s in it for them.
•    You’re not done until they say “Ahha! I got it!”

Adding emotion and personal experience will supercharge your story. You can also include movies and popular culture to connect people to experiences that they have had or can understand.

Personal experience also enables the teller to bring in more energy and enthusiasm. That is infections and will gain greater results. Get your audience to take ownership of the story and they will tell it forwards.


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