Business Book and Success Book Reviews

Introduction to Business Book Reviews – What you might hope to gain from some of the business books of the last 100 years


In the last few years I have been determined to succeed in business. I have read and re- read Napoleon Hill and Dale carnage; arguably the founders of the business self help genre.


I have laid out personal and business plans and driven myself for success.


I believe that we can learn a lot from others who have been there and do it. Nowadays too many authors on the internet write books about success having never really been there. I know because I wrote one such book.


Luckily almost no one bought it so I escape major embarrassment. The trend was to set yourself up as an expert and others will buy in.


Unfortunately there are too many of these books. Now so called celebrities also write autobiographies at an age where they have hardly lived and have accomplished little.


This is not to say that very successful people cannot also write rubbish books. I have read all of the UK Dragons’ (Dragons Den) books and some of the US ones, and a couple are really not that good. However there is always something to be taken from what people who have succeeded have been through.


So in this section of my blog I will take what I consider to be the best bits of each book (over 200 in all) and offer them up to you as a taster. You may then want to read said book, or avoid it.


I do this for 3 reasons; one is that it interests me and is a good learning experience to review what I have learned. The second is so that you can see which books might have what you want to know. The other reason is because I am now writing a new book. This one is for the young.


My daughters are now teenagers. As I see them start out in the world and I want to give them an advantage. I want them to know something of the things that I have learned from the books I have read.


So I am writing “The Unfair Advantage” – how to get ahead from the get go. (working title).


In 2010 I sold half my business for a quarter of a million pounds. I still had the other half and I also got some new investment. I thought that I had finally made it and was safely on the way to my first million.


I have learnt a lot since then and lost a lot too. We all have to make our own mistakes and some things we just can’t be told. However there are a few things that I wish I had know when I was starting out – hell, even 2 years ago!


So I hope that these reviews and extracts will help others get ideas. I hope that we will all learn a little and get that bit further on our way to whatever it is that we desire.


I would recommend above all other later books Napoleon Hill’s Law of Sucess  and Dale Carnegie’s How to Win friends and Influence People as a good place to start.


In this section I will review those and other classics as well as business help books, autobiographical pieces, marketing books, sales books, copy writing books and many more.


However I start with Felix Dennis’s book How to Get Rich. For those of you who desire the big prize I advise this book as a prerequisite. Before you start out on the road for riches read this. Then think again and go back to Napoleon Hill!


Happy reading and I wish you every success.


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